Cheogram SIP

This is a bidirectional bridge between XMPP and SIP. It is not done and currently only supports inbound voice calls (from SIP to XMPP Jingle).

SIP users may call to be routed to the associated JID. Jingle is supported with or without DTLS, XEP-0353 is currently required on the receiving client. Probably only audio works, but video has not been tested.

If you wish to route calls coming in to a DID, you likely want them to transit Cheogram proper in order to use JIDs representing phone numbers instead of SIP URIs. You can forward to the obvious SIP URI:

Outbound calls do work by initiating to xmpp:user\ for the SIP URI sip:user@domain.tld

Inbound MESSAGE will be delivered as an XMPP message of type=chat. Outbound MESSAGE is not supported yet, but is a goal. Other SIMPLE features are not supported yet, but may be a goal.

Providing this service is not free, if you find it useful please consider supporting infrastructure costs on Liberapay, on Patreon, or by becoming a paying customer of

A part of the family of projects. AGPLv3: Source code also requires: Asterisk fork source code